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Ways to handle the remains of your pets!

The death of your loved one is the most difficult situation to face especially when that loved one is your pet. Pets provide us with the support we need in every situation of our life. For some, they become the essential part of their life. The death […]

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Things you should not say while grieving for a pet!

  Pets are the partners. They are the one that supports us in each and every situation of life. However, there are a different kind of pet owners, for some, they are the pet parent and for some they are owners. Whichever role you select for your […]

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Choose the Best Urn for Your Pet!

Departing from a loved one is always difficult. The pain and the empty place is never fulfilled. Pets are one of those companions who has seen good and bad times with us. They remain as a support with us. After their death, it is always a great […]

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Pet Cremation Urns

There is a need to create a memory of your deceased loved one. Pets are the ones that provide the support that is needed. With the passage of time, pets become an important part of our life. The loss faced by the people who lost their pets […]

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Choosing Pet Cremation Urns

Pets are the companions that walk with you throughout their life. They become a part of your family that offers unconditional love. Losing a loved one is a huge loss that is unbearable. In the same way, when you lose a pet it is very difficult to […]

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Process of Pet Cremation

Nowadays the more popular and widely chosen method for handling deceased pet is pet cremation. This way you can keep them close to you and they somehow remain a part of your surroundings. Those who have lost their beloved pets can either get them cremated in usual […]

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Cost of Pet Cremation

Pet owners who have to go through the sorrow of losing their beloved furry friends are opting the method of cremation when their pass away. The cost of the pet cremation process is dependent on a number of factors which are: The Type of Pet The Size […]

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Legacy Pets Charleston – Pet Handling

Facing the death of one’s beloved pet is a terribly stressful experience and what is more disturbing is to finally let go. Deciding what to do with the body is shattering and heart breaking for owners. To care for your pet’s body, it is best to consider […]

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Significance of Pet Loss Support Group – Legacy Pets of Charleston

Losing your Pet: Losing your beloved pet causes your same shattering grief as one may experience on passing away of a human. The loss that is followed by the death of your companion is equal or sometimes even greater after the demise of a loved one or […]

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How to Keep the Memory of Your Pet Alive

The pain of losing your beloved pet is shattering and overwhelms you. The first thing you need to do is accept the reality is that your furry friend is no more and experience your loss. You and your beloved pet must have had countless memories together and […]

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