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Cost of Pet Cremation

Pet owners who have to go through the sorrow of losing their beloved furry friends are opting the method of cremation when their pass away. The cost of the pet cremation process is dependent on a number of factors which are:

  • The Type of Pet
  • The Size and/or Weight of your Pet
  • The Selected method/type of cremation (communal, partitioned or private)
  • The urn or any other memorial product you choose to select for cremains
  • Any Special Services like home pick up etc.

Although the specific costs of the cremation process may vary, but the guidelines listed below for you shall help you in getting an idea of the average cost of pet cremation depending on the involved factors.

Size and Type:

Usually, pet crematories base their rate partially on the size of the pet. Pocket pets like birds, hamsters and reptiles are small and therefore least expensive to cremate. Larger pets like pigs, horses, large breeds of dogs are expensive to cremate.

Cremation Method:

The main factor that influences the price for basic cremation services for cats and dogs relies on what type of cremation you go for communal, partitioned or private. The general starting range is $75-$150 prices can vary by location.

Communal Cremation:

Communal cremation method is offered by cremation providers as a way to save cost. It involves cremation of more than one pet and there is no way to prevent the pet’s ashes to mix with others. Cost of communal cremation can be as low as $50-$65.

Partitioned Cremation:

Partitioned cremation cremates several pets at a time with usage of physical barriers like trays, bricks etc. inside the cremation chamber that keeps the ashes of pets separate from one another. The cost of partitioned cremation may vary according to the size of your pet.  Partitioned cremation for pocket pets may start $95, and smaller pets like rabbit, cats starts from $160.

Private Cremation:

This is the most expensive option of pet cremation. The body of only one pet is present in the chamber in private cremation and they generally range from $125 to $275.

Home Pick up:

Removal fees may or may not be involved in pet cremation cost. Majority of vets have a contract with crematory that includes pick up service. If the pet dies at the veterinarian clinic, no charge of pick up will be involved if the clinic has a relationship with the cremation service.

Pet cremation services offer removal services usually for an additional fee. If you ask of the crematory service, they could come to pick up your pet in some areas rather than the vet’s clinic that could charge you an average of $50-$75 along with basic cremation services.

Urns & Memorial Products:

Pet crematory services like Legacy Pets of Charleston offer you with an assortment of urns and other products to help you in remembering your pet.  You may go for a temporary urn of if you wish to scatter the cremains that will be added in the basic cremation cost.

If you intend to store your pet’s cremains, online sources or pet cremation providers like Legacy Pets of Charleston provide with permanent urns. Prices may vary depending on the materials used, size required and where you purchasing from.


Legacy Pets of Charleston provide pet owners with options that combine both the cost of cremation along with other products and services. You could save money on the products and services you need for a memorable tribute to your pet by choosing a package.

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