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How to Keep the Memory of Your Pet Alive

The pain of losing your beloved pet is shattering and overwhelms you. The first thing you need to do is accept the reality is that your furry friend is no more and experience your loss. You and your beloved pet must have had countless memories together and someone with whom you had such a close bond, you need to give yourself time to feel the pain of its passing away.

In order to mourn for your pet, you would like to keep its memory alive naturally. Listed below are some of the activities that will not only assist you in memorialize your pet but also aid you in converting your feelings of loss into fond remembrance of the happy time you spent with your four legged companion.


Though mourning alone in solitude at home may seem like the best choice but talking your feelings out with a loved one or a support group is healthy. A great way for bereaved pet parents to communicate with a community of people who are going through a same painful period is attending the Pet Loss Support Group in the monthly meetings at Legacy Pets of Charleston.

Sharing your feelings with the family and friends who knew your pet can be quite helpful. You can recall happy memories of your furry friend with your friends. You will be sharing healing experiences by honoring the memory of your pet.


One doesn’t have to be a professional writer or an artist to seek out relief in creating artwork in memory of your dear pet. You could write up a poem or a short story about them. Or you could create a sculpture in their likeness or a painting.

You knew your dear friend so well and therefore you will get a therapeutic experience by imagining how they would be reacting in different scenarios. Using a creative manner to express your grief, you shall be preserving the memory of your pet and taking part in a fun activity to take your mind off the misery of loss.

Personalizing Pet’s Memorial:

You could preserve your pet’s memory with a memorial that reflects his/her personality. We at Legacy Pets of Charleston offer a variety of urns, memorials, customized figurines and a lot more to soothe the pain and bring comfort to grieving pet parents.

You could place the memorial in your yard, home or even the favorite spot of your deceased pet to act as a fond reminder of all the happy memories of you together.

Help Others in Memory of Your Pet:

You as well as your other pets may not feel ready to adopt another pet for some time therefore volunteering is great way to honor your deceased pet’s memory. You could volunteer at vet’s office or a local animal shelter to help the other pets have a better life.  You will also be filling up the time that you normally spent with your pet by volunteering and it will help in the grieving process.

Along with volunteering, you could make a donation in the name of your pet which is also an incredible way to honor the memory of your dear pet. For example, if the pet you lost was a pit bull rescue, you could donate at a local pit bull rescue organization or to a local shelter. This would also honor your pet’s memory and make you feel better by doing a good deed for other animals.

Find Solace and Comfort at Legacy Pets of Charleston:

If you lost a beloved pet recently, you will find yourself among an understanding and emphatic community here at Legacy Pets of Charleston. Contact us to learn more information about our pet loss support events and resources.


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