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Facing the death of one’s beloved pet is a terribly stressful experience and what is more disturbing is to finally let go. Deciding what to do with the body is shattering and heart breaking for owners. To care for your pet’s body, it is best to consider and explore all the available options. If your pet passes away before you could have taken care of arrangements, most veterinary hospitals are willing to keep your pet’s body for few days while you decide. Though a painful subject, one can achieve peace of mind only after knowing exactly what shall become of the remains of their beloved pet and making the best choice.

Burying Pet in Cemetery:

Some cemeteries are specifically created for pets. They offer an assortment of burial and cremation options that most suit your needs.  Both the duties and services of cemetery and funeral home are performed. You could look in the Yellow Pages under Pet Cemeteries and Crematories to locate one. Some humane societies and veterinary clinics operate pet cemeteries and crematories.

Before making the final decision, ensure that the cemetery sits on dedicated land that can be verified with the cemetery manager. It is stated in the property deed of the cemetery that regardless of ownership, the land shall always remain a pet cemetery.

Burial Procedure for Pets:

Either a private or communal plot can be used for pet burial. Pet’s remains are separately prepared and placed in an individual crypt, gravesite or mausoleum in private burial. In communal burial, the lost pet is buried with other deceased pets in the same plot. Those cemeteries that don’t provide individual gravestones in communal plots often provide with memorial wall affixed with plagues in honor of those pets.

Necessary Requirements of Cremation:

Cremation has become a practical and popular option for handling deceased pets. The remains of cremation look like sand like particles or small pebbles with large chips of bone and are called cremains. They can be placed in a small urn or box which you took keep close to you. Cremains can either be scattered in a special land selection or buried in area set aside by cemetery. You could bury or scatter them in a special place like a tree that has been planted in your pet’s memory according to the local government regulations.

Before setting on a pet cemetery, find the cremation procedures. Some animal crematories do mass cremations and divide the ashes. If you don’t ask for individual cremation, you might receive cremains of your pet mixed with cremains of other pets.

Home Burial:

You need to confirm with your city or country government to see whether burying pets in the backyards is legal or not.  If you plan to go with home burial, put the body in a heavy duty plastic bad and encase it in a metal or wood box. Bury it at least 3 feet deep as it shall keep other animals from digging at the grave site due to scent.  Though caregivers are near their pet’s remains, this option is not suitable for those who move quite often.

Further Use of Remains – Rendering:

Animal bodies commonly livestock but sometimes pets are processed in rendering factories into fertilizer and tallow. Some caregivers choose to have the bodies rendered so the remains could be used. The local animal care and control agency or vet could advise you regarding the availability of this option in your area.

No matter what method you select to handle your pet’s body, your pet shall always remain close to your heart.

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