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Process of Pet Cremation

Nowadays the more popular and widely chosen method for handling deceased pet is pet cremation. This way you can keep them close to you and they somehow remain a part of your surroundings. Those who have lost their beloved pets can either get them cremated in usual ceremonies or in the ones that are especially dedicated for pet cremations.  The body of the pet is placed in a cremation unit during this process and is exposed to high temperature that ranges from 1400-1800 Fahrenheit.

The intense heat and process of vaporization diminishes the organic matter leaving dust and dried bones behind. Then, with the help of a magnet or manual inspection the surgical pins, tags, rods, broken pieces of collars and any other metal objects are removed from the dust which is called cremains.

Lastly the cremains are ground or powdered in order to get a sand-like coarse powder with even consistency.  The cremains are usually a pale shade of while and this color may vary due to health issues or certain medications. These ashes/cremains are then placed into a sealed plastic bag, a tin or a cardboard box and finally handed over to the owner.

You could transfer the cremains of your beloved pet in a nice cremation urn that are specially designed to hold the ashes of pet.  After the owner has received the ashes, it is up to him what he chooses to do with them bury, scatter or store them.  Unless it is a communal cremation, usually the cremains are returned next day or the same day.

The timing of cremation relies on the type of pet you owned.  For example, cremation of small animals like mice, rabbits, hamster and birds doesn’t take long. While larger animals like horse and large breeds of dogs take hours to cremate.  Cremation of pet may take from 45 minutes to two hours on average or sometimes more. How much the cremains weigh depend on the bone structure and weight of your beloved pet. Pets are kept in a refrigerated cooler until the cremation process begins.

Private or Communal Pet Cremation:

You may choose from private or communal pet cremation. Private cremation is separate cremation of your pet only while communal pet cremation means other pets are cremated along with your pet. In partitioned cremation, you may ask the Legacy Pets of Charleston to return ashes to you or scatter them in a memorial area of facility ground and send you the cremation certificate.

As communal pet cremation involves group cremation, it is likely that ashes of your furry friend may mix with other animals that were cremated in the same chamber.  You may request the crematorium personal at Legacy Pets of Charleston to permit you to view the cremation process in case of private cremation as it gives closure. There might be added fee for it though.

Choose an authentic pet cremation service that performs the legal processes like Legacy Pets of Charleston as some cremation facilities indulge in illegal behavior and hand you just dirt as cremation ash.  With Legacy Pets of Charleston you shall be informed of all the steps involved and the staff is compassionate towards you so that you could get closure over your beloved pet’s loss.

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