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When is the Right Time to Say Goodbye to Your Pet?


Pets are loveable members of the family and like any other loved one, it is hard to let them go. When pets become sick or old, it is very hard for pet owners to decide if it is time to put them down. On one hand, they don’t want to lose them but they don’t want them suffering either.

In order to determine when is the right time to let go, it is suggested to take the advice of a vet who have more expertise in such matters. In many cases, they will be able to help you to determine the exact time to euthanize your pet. However, in other cases, it may become tricky to make the decision.

You must consult a vet and look for the following signs in order to determine if it is the time to say goodbye:

  • Analyze the behavior of the pet. They may lose interest in activities they enjoyed before like walking, playing and engaging with you and other members of the family.
  • Pets may lose their appetite and start drinking water in more amounts than necessary.
  • The pet may be experiencing pain apart from those that are being managed with medication. You will find your pet panting and gasping. The breathing will be raspy. These are signs that your pet is in pain but the vet is the reliable source for determining it.
  • You may notice that the pet sleeps or hides in unusual places.

More Advice for Euthanizing the Pet

In many cases it becomes very confusing to find out if this is the right time. However, resources like the ASPCA are available to you. They have a Pet Loss Hotline at (877) 474-3310 where you can get additional assistance to make the right decision. You may also consult your vet for information on pet hospice care and other options that may be available to you.

You may also attend Pet Loss Support Groups so as to get through this difficult time. You can find support groups near you through the Internet and find affordable pet cremation options as well.

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