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Significance of Pet Loss Support Group – Legacy Pets of Charleston

Losing your Pet:

Losing your beloved pet causes your same shattering grief as one may experience on passing away of a human. The loss that is followed by the death of your companion is equal or sometimes even greater after the demise of a loved one or friend.

The qualified and experienced staff at Legacy Pets of Charleston SC, completely understand and is compassionate towards the hardships that people face after losing their pet. Legacy Pets of Charleston offer people with monthly pet loss support group meetings in SC to provide bereaving community members with care and support.

Christy Simpson happens to be a renowned and licensed social worker and leads a pet loss support group. Certified through the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB), Christy has years of vast experience in loss and grief counseling when your pet dies. She has extensive knowledge and skill regarding pet loss.

Legacy Pets of Charleston had a discussion with Christy regarding the importance of pet loss support for those who were going through a grief period mourning for a furry member of the family.

Christy stated that any adult who was dealing with bereavement issues related to pet loss is a good candidate for support group. Number of scenarios might be involved in pet bereavement most commonly a deceased pet. These feeling may also surface if the pet is suffering from terminal illness or has gotten lost.

It is a structured and safe place that offers people to share their feelings and stories. A noteworthy benefit of the group meeting is that it enables people to understand that you are not alone. It aids people in realizing the universality of their loss that so many people are going through exactly the same loss and grief over losing your pet.

The group meetings generally have 5-12 people.  The attendees are given the chance to talk about their feelings and experience with pet loss. The stories may vary based on the stage of grief of an individual. Another essential function of these support groups is education. As more people come forward sharing their stories, the moderator of the group offers valuable advice  for coping with grief and also assist people in manifesting an informal plan to deal  with their loss during the sessions.

It is important to understand that no two experiences of grief are alike. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity and different manners to deal with grief. Thus, there is no way to tell exactly how long someone would mourn.

An average of 1-2 pet loss support group sessions have been recommended by the APLB to support and assist those who are going through pet loss bereavement. Some may even need a year or more of individual counseling.

Christy Simpson suggested a rather helpful resource of Pet Loss online chat room that is accessible through the APLB. These chat rooms happen to be moderated and supervised by certified pet loss bereavement therapists. They offer with a rather feasible way for people to connect with others who are mourning for their pets.

Pets give us their love and loyalty unconditionally. They never judge us and are always there for us. Such kind of relationship is usually quite complex to form with another human. People are understandably shattered with grief that relationship is lost when their pet is no more.  Pets often become our best buddies, closest confidants and companions through hard times. It is perfectly normal to feel devastated after the loss of a pet as they are an important part of our lives.

Attend a Pet Loss Support Group Meeting at Legacy Pets of Charleston SC:

If you have lost your pet and going through period of pet loss bereavement, we shall look forward to you joining us at the next Pet Loss Support Group meeting hosted by Legacy Pets of Charleston, SC.




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