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Things you should not say while grieving for a pet!


Pets are the partners. They are the one that supports us in each and every situation of life. However, there are a different kind of pet owners, for some, they are the pet parent and for some they are owners. Whichever role you select for your loved one, the point is, you will have a connection with them. A unique relationship that no one can replace. When they are gone, their loss is impossible to be filled because with the passage of time, they have become the necessary part of our life. While grieving for a dog there are some things you should not say:

1.    They were just a pet:

A pet is a companion for a pet owner and sometimes they are more like their own children. You should not grieve by saying that they were just a pet as some of the people do not get the point that those pets were like the family.

2.    Get another pet for you:

A companion is someone that can never be replaced. Every pet has their own place in the owner’s life. Someone who will recommend that you can get a new pet will not know that having a new pet is not an easy thing. You have to be emotionally prepared if you want to have a new pet otherwise, creating a bond is difficult. For some asking for having a new pet is like they are advising you to have a new husband after his death. Make sure you avoid saying this because of the emotional attachment the owner will have with their pets.

3.    Get over this sadness now:

There are times when people advice the pet owners to get over the sadness when some time passed. However, grief is not something can be finished voluntarily. The person will require some time to get over the emptiness that is being created in their life. All this is not possible overnight.

4.    You should not go to a counsellor to get over your pet:

If someone wants to have counselling services to get to the normal life again, you should not discourage that person. Losing a loved one is hard and there is a time when you need the help of someone to get over this pain. Make sure you are the one who supports the pet owners in that situation rather than asking for if they really want to have the counselling services.

5.    Do you want to spend money on the burial of your dog?

Well, pets are family. They should have a proper ceremony of burial when they died. It can be a reward for all the services they have provided to you. For people who do not have pet, it will be difficult to understand that someone is spending money on the burial of their pets,


For a totally deserved burial of your pet, Legacy pets of Charleston have all the things you need for the ceremony. We have different urns that are designed in a unique and attractive way in which you can save the ashes of your pets.


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