About Us

Offering Private Pet Cremation in Charleston, SC

The special bond between people and their beloved pets cannot be measured. We at Legacy Pets of Charleston understand this bond, and that the loss of this vital member of your family can be devastating. Our caring and sympathetic staff is dedicated to providing you with quality professional service to help you through this difficult time.

We can never repay the unconditional love and affection our pets provide us. Our mission is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your final farewell to your beloved pet is with the Honor, Dignity and Respect they deserve. We understand that saying goodbye is never easy. Let us assist you in this final act of love.

We have an open door policy. We are full disclosure. We welcome inspections by family members at anytime. The professionalism and Facilities is unmatched.


Individual versus Private Cremation

"Individual Cremation," aka "Seperate or Segregated" This is the process when MORE than one pet is placed in the cremation chamber and cremated at the same time with some form of seperation between pets such as trays, refractory bricks, or SPACE. (co-mingling of the cremains will occur) Legacy Pets does NOT offer this service.

"Private Cremation" This is the process when your pet is cremated alone. There are NO other pets in the cremation chamber.